SUBTERA has released Passive TeraHertz Imaging (PTI) technology for non-destructive examination applications.

PTI enables the non-invasive detection of corrosion underneath paints, insulation and protective coatings.  PTI works by imaging a painted (coated/insulated) surface and measuring the intensity of the natural TeraHertz energy transmitting through the paint.

Used as an alternative to other surface inspection technologies, PTI is used to efficiently inspect areas of interest to identify surface defects without the need to remove the protective layer.

Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) is a difficult process to prevent because despite best efforts, water will find a way to seep through the insulation and corrode the underlying metal — and rust never sleeps. This dangerous corrosion continues until the water is removed or the metal cracks.  The financial, operational and environmental cost of failed pipelines due to CUI is considerable. PTI reduces the cost of CUI inspection.

To learn how PTI can help to protect your assets please get in touch.