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Our Ultra-Longwave Thermal Imaging technology detects corrosion concealed under insulation, coatings and paint.
Corrosion under Insulation

Corrosion under Insulation

Pipelines within the Oil & Gas and Processing industries experience corrosion under the insulation surrounding the pipe. SUBTERA technology detects corroded areas without the need to remove the insulation.

Corrosion under Coatings

Corrosion under Coatings

Metal assets are coated across a wide variety of industries to protect the asset from corrosion. SUBTERA technology rapidly identifies corroded areas without removing the coatings.

Corrosion under Paint

Corrosion under Paint

Frequent inspections of marine vessels for corrosion are both necessary and costly. SUBTERA technology accelerates the inspection process and identifies surface defects underneath protective paints.


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IET Active and passive Seminar

Dr. Chris Mann presented a paper titled “Detection of corrosion under paints and insulating layers using passive millimetre wave imaging” at The University of Greenwich, London.

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