Combined CUI and Moisture Detection

A battery powered handheld inspection tool, that detects Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and moisture, beneath a variety of common industrial coatings, insulations, and non-metallic cladding.

Pi connects wirelessly to an operator laptop, where the data is analysed.


• Inspect without removing cladding and insulation

• Inspect while plant is operational

• Passive technology is 100% human safe

• Real-time inspections


• Detecting CUI on pipework and vessels

• Locating concealed moisture within insulation

• Evaluating insulation condition & status

Using Pi

Pi is a passive inspection tool, that measures sub-terahertz photons naturally emitted by concealed corrosion and moisture. It enables the inspection of  assets, fitted with non-metallic cladding, while they are operational.

Pi can be used in a freehand mode to inspect prone areas or locations with complex geometries. Pipework can be fully inspected by combining multiple real-time linear scans into a single inspection dataset; this is managed efficiently through operator software workflows. 

The data can be exported in standalone documents or as data files for integration within external reports.

Inspection Data

Pi inspection data is presented in a variety of useful formats to aid operator interpretation.  All sensor measurement data can be viewed live, while results from workflow enabled inspections are presented as single, easy to understand images.

System Integration

Using a modular design approach, SubTera’s technology is being developed to integrate with robotic platforms for restricted access inspection applications. 

The core sensor technology is low power, lightweight, and stand-off, enabling drone operations.

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