Pi Field Trials Update

1st March 2022

Over the past 6 months SubTera has been working closely with several industrial organisations, to conduct field trials of Pi, the handheld passive terahertz inspection solution.  The trial facilities were based in the UK and central Europe, and provided SubTera with a broad set of locations and asset conditions.

The field trials have been extremely productive and helped to assess the underlying condition of a range of assets.

During the trial SubTera worked closely with a number of Asset Integrity Engineers, that helped to guide the use of the prototype, and establish modes of operation that enable controlled and repeatable asset inspections.

SubTera has identified a number of opportunities to refine the prototype unit, ahead of further field trials during Q2 2022.

SubTera CEO, David Haskett, stated ‘these field trials have been an extremely positive phase of Pi’s development, and we are evolving our solution based on the findings from the trials’.

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