SubTera joins IFEAA

The company has recently become a member of IFEAA, the International Fugitive Emissions Abatement Association. Fugitive emissions may be described as ‘leaks and other unplanned releases of gas from industrial processes’. IFEAA is committed to helping industry reduce fugitive emissions so that together we can achieve humankind’s net-zero objectives. Given the

Composite Inspection Project

SubTera recently conducted a feasibility project in conjunction with the UKs National Composites Centre (NCC). The objective of the project was to explore the potential of using real time passive sub-terahertz imaging to detect manufacturing defects within glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP). Working closely with the NCC’s NDT team, led by

Pi Field Trials Update

Over the past 6 months SubTera has been working closely with several industrial organisations, to conduct field trials of Pi, the handheld passive terahertz inspection solution.  The trial facilities were based in the UK and central Europe, and provided SubTera with a broad set of locations and asset conditions. The

Terahertz sensing ‘v’ thermal imaging

Terahertz photons pass through insulation and cladding Terahertz energy – also known as T-waves & THz – refers to electromagnetic energy in the frequency range between 0.1 to 3 THz. Wavelengths in the terahertz region range from 1 mm to 0.01 mm. The electromagnetic THz region is located between the microwave and thermal regions, and subsequently demonstrates properties of both these

Field Testing of Pi

Over the next few months, SubTera will be field testing Pi, its new handheld inspection tool, at several industrial processing facilities. This represents an important phase in the development of Pi and the company is delighted to be working with both facility operators and inspection service providers throughout the test

EnergyTec Cluster

Having opened a new office at STFC‘s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire a few weeks ago, SubTera is delighted to be joining Harwell Science and Innovation Campus’, EnergyTec Cluster. The cluster comprises 57 organisations that are, like us, committed to helping the UK achieve its net-zero energy ambitions; we are excited to be part

New Oxfordshire Office

The company recently opened a new office on the Harwell Campus located at STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.  This marks a new era for SubTera as we enter our next stage of growth. This new office on the internationally recognised science and technology park, provides us with the opportunity to surround

Robotic Feasibility Project

SubTera has participated in a project to integrate it’s technology demonstrator, the B10-80, with a mobile robot.  The project was conducted in partnership with GMV and Archangel Imaging, and was funded in conjunction with the UKs Science and Technology’s Facilities Council’s – Cross Cluster Project. NEWS

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